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Faculty Members

Masamine JIMBA, M.D., Ph.D., Professor

・School health in Asian countries
・Health promotion in Asian countries
・Human security approach for global health

Masashi MIZUGUCHI, M.D., Ph.D., Professor

・Mental retardation and autism caused by abnormal signal transduction
・Genetic, pathological, and clinical study of acute encephalopathy
・Genetic and environmental factors causing congenital central nervous system anomalies

Kenji SHIBUYA, M.D., Ph.D., Professor

・Health outcomes research
・Health system performance assessment
・Health and foreign policy

Katsushi TOKUNAGA, D.Sc., Professor

・Genetics of complex diseases
・Genome diversity in Asia?Pacific populations
・Interaction of host and pathogen genomes in infectious diseases

Chiho WATANABE, Ph.D., Professor

・Environmental health issues in human populations
・Water quality and human communities
・Heavy metal toxicology/essential trace elements

Manami INOUE, MD, PhD, Project Professor

Stuart GILMOUR, MPH, MStat, PhD, Associate Professor
Akihiko MABUCHI, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor

・Identification of genes associated with osteoarthritis
・Genomic epidemiology of common bone and joint diseases
・Genetic research on skeletal dysplasias

Teruyuki TANAKA, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor

・Molecular mechanisms of neuronal migration and its disorders
・Molecular mechanisms of mental retardation and epilepsy
・Generation of model systems for elucidating the pathomechanisms of developmental disorders

Masahiro UMEZAKI, Ph.D., Associate Professor

・Human population ecology in the Asia?Pacific region
・Application of geographic information systems (GIS) to medical studies
・Medical anthropology in Papua New Guinea

Yoh-ichi WATANABE, Ph.D., Associate Professor

・Mitochondrial translation using truncated functional RNAs
・RNA splicing in Archaea
・Divergent translation/splicing system as drug target

Junko YASUOKA, D.Sc., M.P.H., Lecturer

Shuhei NOMURA, PhD, Assistant Professor
Sarah Krull ABE, PhD, Assistant Professor
Md. Mizanur RAHMAN, PhD, Project Assistant Professor
Eiko SAITO, PhD, Project Assistant Professor
Akira SHIBANUMA, M.A., Assistant Professor
Junko KIRIYA, PhD, Assistant Professor
Yuki HITOMI, PhD, Assistant Professor
Hiromi SAWAI, PhD, Assistant Professor
Hiromi TOYODA, PhD, Project Assistant Professor
Makiko SAITO, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Sayaka TAKANASHI, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Shoko KONISHI, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Satoko KOSAKA, PhD, Assistant Professor
Mitsutoshi UMEHARA, PhD, Project Assistant Professor

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